SOYSAL REAL ESTATE & CONSTRUCTION is one of the most reliable and fast growing investment and construction companies in Mediterranean coast of Turkey. We are proud of the high quality objects that were engineered and constructed by our Company. Our Company was founded in 1996 as a family business but for the last years the Company gained a reputation of good- standing and reliable company providing professional real estate and construction services. We are expanding our sales to markets of Norway, Russia, Iran, Holland, Germany and Kazakhstan. Our services include:

-search for and sales of immovable property (at the stage of engineering or construction); newly built or

resale property; commercial property (hotels, any kind of business property), land properties in Turkey;
-search for and sales of profitable investment projects; -assistance in selection of optimal investment mode; -arrangement of property seeing tours to Turkey (air tickets, insurance, accommodation); legal support at all stages of deal (including obtainment of residence permit); -consulting of potential buyers on all subjects related to purchase transaction, assistance in credit raising; financial consulting; selection of reliable construction company for implementation of project engineered by customer.

Our multinational team of professionals is a guaranty of your satisfaction in the result of our work!

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